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Why is it so easy to hate?

Why is it so easy to hate?

Lately, in the news, online, and on social media platforms, I’ve noticed so much hate going around and I constantly wonder – why? Why is there so much hate going around? Why is it so easy to hate? And I’ve noticed something.

People have a fear of the unknown. Of things that are foreign to them. To them, the unknown is like a door that could practically lead to anywhere.

Door to Unknown
Where does this door lead?

And that’s where the fear comes from. We don’t know what’s behind that door. Is it something good or bad? And in most cases, we let that fear take over our minds. We become so paralyzed by our fears that we turn our backs on that door and never even attempt to open it.

And that’s a huge mistake. And here’s why. It’s like stereotypes. We’re all familiar with some type of stereotype; for example: Asians can’t drive, Indians are thrifty, or all Mexicans jump the border.

Asian Stereotype

Not true! These stereotypes may be rooted in some truth but what applies to one person does not apply to everyone. You can’t generalize an entire race or people!

Often times, hate stems from ignorance.

Land of Snake Charmers.gif

For example, many people have the misconception that India is the land of snake charmers and arranged marriages. India is viewed as a regressive country that consists of child marriages and is known for being conservative. As an Indian myself, I’ve fallen prey to believing many of these lies. And I have one advice: educate yourselves!

Read, read, read!!!

If you’re not into reading – fine! Then, go online. Use the internet. The internet has an infinite amount of knowledge just waiting to be devoured. Instead of letting your ignorance get the better of you, educated yourself!

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t know how to cook, what do you do? Do you give up and starve? No! You go and Google it like you should! Get with the day and age, man!

Educated yourself. Knowledge holds a lot of power. It introduces you to a whole new world of possibilities. Most of us stay in our little bubble our entire lives. We have a select amount of friends we see every day, same job we go to, same restaurants we eat at, and same genres of movies we see. We all develop a routine. And if you’re like me, you hate change!

Change Sucks

Change implies uncertainty. And people like control over their lives. It gives people anxiety when they don’t have control over a certain situation. They fear what they don’t know and can’t control. Similarly, people hate what they don’t know. If something does not agree with their own ideology they develop hate. Not hate of the person or thing, but hate of the conflicting ideas that thing or person represents.

Take the constant war between Samsung and iPhone lovers.

iPhone v Samsung

Most iPhone lovers have never used a Samsung phone and vice versa. They like what they are used to. Also, they don’t know what the other phone has to offer them. Similarly, people like to associate with people who agree with them. If someone challenges what they believe, they become defensive. They turn a deaf ear to what the other person is saying and that’s a huge problem!

How do you know someone is wrong if you don’t even bother to listen. Not just hear what they are saying but really listen!


Who knows? You might find out that your beliefs aren’t all that different. Try to understand why a person thinks the way they do. Why they behave the way they do.

People tend to hold their beliefs and feelings above anyone else’s. If someone hurt you, you hold onto that feeling of pain. You focus on the fact that you are hurting. But what about the other person? Did you ever consider that maybe they are hurting, too?


Why is it so easy to hate?

Because it’s much easier to blame the other person. It’s much easier to just pretend you’re just too different. It’s easier to just run away than face the problem. It’s just easier.

But guys…there’s already too much hate in the world. There’s already too much destruction.

California Fires


So every day, take one step out of your comfort zone. Talk to someone new. Learn a new language. Try a cuisine you’ve never tried before. Because knowledge is the only way to overcome ignorance. And knowledge is the only way to love. Because if you’re not held back by your prejudices and lack of knowledge, you’ll see how similar you are to each other. Remember, love trumps hate! But you have to actively pursue knowledge and through knowledge, love. Passivity will get you nowhere. And in this fast-paced world, passivity is a death sentence.

So, love your neighbors. Learn something new. And you’ll grow in ways you never imagined. Because hate hurts you the most. It’s a toxic emotion. And you don’t need that in your life.

Ain't Nobody Got Time

So, do yourself a favor and throw the negativity out of your life.

-Peace & Love,


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