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“It”: Scary or Not?*spoilers included



Pennywise Scary

Don’t hate me too much guys! I just had to. Okay? 🙂 So, if you know me, you know that I LOVE horror films. Basically, anything that sets me on the edge of my seat. And I’ve never seen a horror film in theaters before. I’ve always watched from the comfort of my MacBook (my brother spilled ice coffee on it so the sound is not that great. grrr! I still get pissed when I think about it. Anyways, moving on).

Let It Go
I will not let it go!

Something about the large screen, the enhanced sound, and a dark room full of people just waiting to scream is just appealing to me for some reason. Something about the feeling of being scared. Ahhh… I know, I know. You think I’m crazy. Okay, so it’s more like I like the adrenaline rush a good jump scare gives you. It’s the thrill, guys.

So, I just recently watched the book-to-movie adaption of Stephen King’s book It. I went in with the expectation of basically screaming my guts out. Did the movie deliver? Not entirely. I mean I flinched here and there (but that’s mostly because of the suspenseful music and the creepy ass clown) but no screaming.

So, I’ll break down what I liked and what I didn’t like.


  • The cast:
    • Richie (played by the amazing Finn Wolfhard): I’m sure you recognize him as Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things. In this movie, he’s the “funny” guy of the group. He has a “trashy” mouth. The things that come out of this guy’s mouth! But throughout the entire film he provided a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. My favorite line of his: “How did I draw the short straw? You’re lucky this wasn’t a dick measuring contest.” LOL!! I need some tissues.

      Richie IT
      This is how many fucks I give…
    •  Eddie (played by Jack Dylan Grazer) : The paranoid guy of the group. He’s basically allergic to EVERYTHING and takes every kind of medication you can imagine. His character provided A LOT of laughs. It’s hilarious watching him basically have an aneurysm any time he came into contact with dirt or anything unsanitary for that matter (i.e. the scene where they have to clean blood from Beverly’s bathroom; p.s. it was PERIOD blood related to her fear; he was probably scarred FOR LIFE). And one thing I loved about this guy was that he was scared and he owned it. His best quote was:

      You know what these are? They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!

      Ahh, this kid cracked me up. He meant placebos…Eddie IT

    • Georgie: OMG! The actor who played him was SOOO adorable. Watching him get his arm eaten off was CRUEL!!! The entire time I was wishing that somehow he had survived. GeorgieLook at that beautiful face! How could you kill him??!!!! When he said to Bill: “Billy I love you,” I died!! But alas, it wasn’t real. It was Pennywise masquerading as Georgie. How could you play with our hearts??!!!
    • Bill, Beverly, Ben, & Stanley: The other kids who made up the rest of the group were relatively forgettable. Beverly played the girl abused by her dad really well. Stanley was practically terrified in every scene. Bill was the typical “hero” with the balls of steel (no pun intended…get your minds out of the gutter!). He was very “vanilla” but played his role well.
    • Bill Ben Beverly
      Bill, Beverly, & Ben. The B-team, get it???
  • The story: I think they mislabeled this film as horror. It should’ve been called a coming-of-age film. The film has themes of friendship, first love, conquering your fears, and so much more. I loved seeing the friendship between all the characters. Especially between Richie and Bill. Through all his sarcasm and jokes, you can see that Richie is scared out of his mind (and his fear is greater because he fears clowns…poor kid), but he’ll go through hellfire for Bill. Even when he had a chance to walk away, Richie chose to stay and fight. Forget about the romance, I’m all for the BROMANCE!Bromance Feels
  • Gore/Violence: If you’re someone like me, you love gore and violence when shown appropriately. Some films just show gore and violence for no reason but I liked how it was used here. When Georgie had his arm bitten off (poor Georgie…I can’t unwatch your pain), it was pretty brutal. And the spray of blood Beverly had to face was downright GROSS. But, it showed us that life can be brutal. All these innocent children had to face the realities of life. They had to face fear, death, losing someone they loved, and heartbreak. We were shown innocence and then we were shown that not all is hearts and roses. Because even roses have their thorns. I know, I know, that was deep. Thank you.


  • The romance: It was unnecessary. I can see that they were trying to show innocent first love but we could do without the love triangle. We already knew poor Ben stood no chance, though they had me going there for a while. He’s adorable and he writes poetry? Your loss, Beverly! And the kiss at the end – CLICHE!
  • The blood ritual: I’m with Eddie on this part. How can you hold each other’s hands with an open wound?! That’s an infection waiting to happen! Haven’t you listened to anything Eddie said??!!Eddie Infection Meme

Besides that, it was a pretty good movie. I’d give it a 7/10 considering how cliche it was but it was enjoyable. Also, as a horror genre, I found myself laughing more than screaming. If I come to watch a horror film, I expect to scream my lungs out. Average, but I’d watch it again just for the humor 🙂

-Peace & Love,


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