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Walking in the Darkness

Walking in the Darkness

They said the darkness was bad,

It is the place of evil things,

And fear.


I stumbled in the darkness,

I fell,

But I also rose,

Like a phoenix,

From the pits of hell.

I hid in the darkness,

My fears,

My insecurities,

My biggest shames,

They walked beside me,

My medals of battle.


They say the darkness is the absence of light,

But in the darkness,

There is still beauty,

It is where things still grow,

Stars are brighter,

Where we drift,

Into peaceful slumber.


The darkness is a blanket,

That coats my skin,

It is the cold,

That soaks my bones,

And though I shiver,

I know,

We are one,


Yet one in the same.


They say the darkness is evil,

It is where,

Death and destruction lie,

But we all,

Even in the daylight,


Seeds of evil in our hearts.


The darkness is a canvas,

Where things blend together,

And become whole,

No one is an outsider,

And everyone is welcome.


The darkness is a masterpiece,

Brilliant strokes,

Of midnight purple,

And charcoal black,

But you have to walk,

In the dark,

To see it.

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