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Cafe Durr…

Cafe Durr…get it? Cafe…Cafe Durr…Oh well, I tried. Behold this beauty!

This drink looks like a galaxy captured in a jar. The dark and mysterious lavender. The soft tones of an innocent pink. And the passionate red depths of strawberry. (It’s actually supposed to be cherry but they ran out so I got strawberry). And the sliced, delicate piece of a lemon.

I came across this place on Yelp and the artistry of the drinks immediately caught my attention. I based my review of this place based on Presentation, Taste, and Ambiance.

Obviously, the presentation of the drinks is what drew me in. Yes…it’s because the drinks were purrrttty…I’m shallow like that. 🙂 In terms of the taste, the drink that I tried – Lemon Dream – was a little too sweet for me. It basically tasted like liquified sugar. I couldn’t even tell the difference between the different flavors in the drink. So, I was a little disappointed. 😦 However, the food made up for it.

The Original Souffle Pancakes were not only a treat to the eyes but also to my taste buds. It was almost TOO pretty that I felt bad diving my knife into it. The pancakes were soft and delicate like clouds. When I placed a bite in my mouth, it melted like butter. And the side of ice cream just added to the flavor. I loved that they didn’t drench the pancakes with the strawberry puree or vanilla. They gave it to us on the side so we could decide how much to put. The pancakes helped boost up my rating, in terms of taste.

And the ambiance of this place was wonderful! It wasn’t loud like other cafe’s I’ve been too. Or maybe I just came on a slow day. For me, I would definitely want to come back here since I prefer quiet places. It’s the perfect place to study. Also, you don’t have to scream at the top of your lungs just to talk to your friend sitting across from you.

All in all, I still recommend this place, especially for the ambiance and the sweets.


Presentation: *****/5

Taste: ***/5

Ambiance: ****/5



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