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Dear No One

Dear No One


My body’s not your bed,

You touch, yet I’m the one,

Who burns,

Why is my voice unheard,

Playing on repeat like,

Background noise.


You commit the sin,

Yet I’m the one,


I become the sinner,

Just because of my gender.


I’m the one who suffers,

The fruit of your mistakes,

The taunts,



From a living being,

I become a thing.


You think you’ve silenced me,

Yet, I’ll still scream and shout,

Through your hands,

Over my mouth,

I’ll use my limbs,

To kick and fight.


Because I’ll be a victim,

No more,

I’m a survivor,

And I’ll speak my story,

Write it with my blood,

And tears.


Step back,

Because it’s my time,

I’ve listened all my life,

It’s time now,

For you to listen.

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