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Book Reviews

Books, books, & more books!

If you’re like me, then your mind is constantly consumed by thoughts of books. When is my next book coming in the mail? When is the next book in the series being released? Maybe you just like the smell of books. I mean come one, who doesn’t?

But as we all know, there are millions of books in the world. And we always face the question: which book should I read next? Is this book worth the read? Will I be invested in the story?

But look no further! Because I am the white knight to your damsel in distress. I am here to relieve your pain peasant! LOL Just joking 🙂

This is where I post book reviews of the most recent books that have released or that I have recently read. If there is a certain book that you would like reviewed, just drop the name of the book and a little blurb of the story (you can probably look this up online) and I’ll try my best to review it.

Again, this is all my opinion. I may like certain genres and aspects of a novel while I might not like others. But you’ll find out soon enough if our taste in books matches.

Until later,

Sounale Mehta.


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